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Peer Review

A peer review program requires a substantial commitment of time and money from your firm and supports the philosophy of professional excellence. The selection of a peer reviewer is a critical step in ensuring that an accounting firm’s peer review is efficient, cost-effective, and adds value to the firm’s quality control policies and procedures. Our peer review team members focus on adding value to your firm, our client, not only by review of the technical quality of your attest practice but also by offering suggestions for improved quality and productivity on attest work. We believe peer review is an investment by your firm which should lead to future success.

During 2013, our firm received an unqualified peer review report with no letter of comments. We are proud of our participation in the AICPA Peer Review Program and the increase in quality it has brought to our practice. For this reason, we became trained in conducting peer reviews so that we could not only review other firms but also share ideas with fellow professionals.

We currently offer system reviews, engagement reviews, and inspection-monitoring services.