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Small Business Services

We have a Small Business Department consisting of six staff that is devoted primarily to monthly accounting and payroll services. This department is up-to-date on the latest accounting and payroll issues and is available to help you face complex financial challenges. We also have a staff member that is certified as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor to offer assistance with complex QuickBooks issues.

We maintain close contact with our clients and service them in any areas where we have the knowledge and experience. We feel that personal service is a key factor to our success. Our Firm works closely with local financial institutions and with insurance and bonding firms to assure that the client is receiving a complete range of competent, timely professional services from a team approach. We believe that a spirit of professional cooperation in this area serves the best interests of the client on a long-term basis.

Our Small Business Services include:

◊ Payroll
◊ Compiled financial statements
◊ Sales tax returns
◊ Payroll tax reporting
◊ Bookkeeping
◊ Accounts payable
◊ General Ledger
◊ Business License returns
◊ Personal Property tax returns
◊ Assistance in preparing cash flow budgets and projections
◊ Key performance indicators reporting
◊ QuickBooks consulting
◊ Financial consulting and accounting assistance