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An audit can be helpful in identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses within a business structure. Audits can assist in updating your organizational goals and satisfying various financial and legal requirements. Benefits of an audit include deterrence and detection of fraud, compliance with bank requirements and gives confidence to customers and vendors. Our firm plans, tests internal controls, audits and prepares financial statements based on guidelines established by Practioners Publishing Company (PPC). While not as extensive as an audit, our review or compilation services can also help your organization become more effectively.

Our current audits include but are not limited to:

◊ 401(k) Plan Audits
◊ Automobile Dealerships
◊ Construction
◊ Manufacturing
◊ Medical Practices
◊ Mining
◊ Not-for-profit Organizations
◊ Real Estate including HUD & VHDA Assisted Housing
◊ Religious Organizations